Lefteris Kozas, EngD, MBA

Co-Founder/Bus Dev

“Focused for some time now in a more business profile, GIVE brings me back close to my engineering side. Our effort to bring together a strong engineering team, with a certain set of values & qualities, and with the difficulties of the external circumstances, is a challenge I couldn't turn my back to.”

After his Mechanical Engineering degree followed by a Master's in Business Administration (MBA), Lefteris found his work identity in business consulting & project support. He has 5+ years experience in business plan evaluation, and an extensive involvement in the submission of various successful project proposals in both national and EU calls. Operating for years as an independent consultant, Lefteris has a global overview of the market opportunities and trends, as well as the challenges of the different sectors. Marrying his two backgrounds - engineering & business administration - Lefteris puts now his efforts to take on the challenge of developing GIVE's business side.