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Founded in 2016, GIVE has just started its travel in time.

GIVE is a Greek visionary design and engineering company based in Athens, undertaking engineering projects. Focused on the values and passions of its founders and engineers, GIVE brings a fresh approach to design, analysis and optimisation of complex and innovative products. Always promoting creativity and integrity, our team is dedicated to deliver the best results.

"It is our people that makes us who we are"

We provide technical innovation, product design, and advanced engineering analysis that can range from single components to full systems, from concept to prototyping. We specialise in finite element analysis (FEA), structural analysis, optimisation & lightweight materials, covering a wide range of analysis methods, from heat transfer and linear-static, to transient, dynamic (crash), FRA and advanced optimisation. Whatever the physical problem is or the product you want to make, we can help you visualise it, predict its behaviour, know its weaknesses, evaluate its performance and improve it to achieve your desired objectives, without the need for costly prototyping.

Our intention is not to satisfy our customers, our intention is to amaze them.

We believe in inspiring change through creative design & innovation

We have a long expertise in the Automotive industry and Motorsports but always keep challenging ourselves with projects from different sectors







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Our partners

We are proud to be part of a bigger team, an inspiring team of partners

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TRYGONS S.A. is a pioneer composite parts’ manufacturer that utilizes state-of-the-art technologies for the design and fabrication of large and complex reinforced plastic parts focusing on mass production. The company offers product development from initial inception and design up to final materialization and market launch.

With 4000m2 manufacturing facilities, advanced in-house industrial equipment, record breaking achievements - including low vessel weight and fuel-efficiency - and, most importantly, thorough cross-sector composites technical expertise, Trygons can minimize start-up and production costs, while delivering improved product quality always on time. With the latest technology advancements in hollow single-shot (monocoque) infusion technique, Trygons is able to construct large and complex parts with enhanced dimensional accuracy, stability, stiffness and of course minimal weight, in half the time and a much lower cost.

TRYGONS has manufactured products for a number of industries and got a reputation for its out-of-the-box thinking and innovative ideas. GIVE and Trygons have now created a strong partenrship to help develop for their clients products with enhanced properties, structural integrity and ecxellent manufacturing quality.

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Matadog Design is a branding, packaging and product design firm founded in 2009 by Andreas Kioroglou. In its short life, Matadog's work has been internationally recognized and awarded by the most prestigious international design and advertising competitions such as Cannes Lions, Creativity International Awards, Pentawards, Summit Awards & others. Targeting international markets, Matadog offers innovative & exciting solutions to its customers, with unique flexibility & effectiveness.

Matadog's different way of thinking that does not hesitate to explore uncharted water, as well as the company's 'youth' and freshness, made it an ideal partner for GIVE. We - together - dream of developing innovative products that disrupt the 'common' & put a smile in our client's.

GIVE & Matadog hope to travel along each other for long, using the marriage between engineering & design to develop exciting ideas.

Dynametrica is founded on the principles of original scientific research. That is to say, it’s a collaboration between Dr. Christoforos Rekatsinas, a freelancer Mechanical & Aeronautics Engineer, and Dr. Nikolaos Chrysochoidis, who constitutes an affiliation with the Structural Mechanics & Smart Materials Group of University of Patras.

Their expertise in structural dynamics and sensorial equipment, makes them capable of assessing the functionality of your mechanical apparatus through in-situ dynamic measurements (Displacement, Strain, Acceleration, Force & Electric Potential). Now with their recent collaboration with GIVE, a company with background in computational mechanics, can provide valid solutions by simulating your problem with the Finite Element Method and their state of the art finite element software, Altair.

Highly motivated by innovation, Dynametrica ingeniousness in field-testing, and measurement applications and GIVE dexterous skills in analysis, will always seek to overcome your expectations from the initial identification of the problem to its final solution.

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Always promoting creativity and integrity, our team is dedicated to deliver the best results. Our intention is not to satisfy our customers, our intention is to amaze them. Please contact us for a chat, some feedback, any collaboration, or even a nice discussion over coffee.